doodle by andre: the balance of power

IN THE LAST INSTALLMENT OF ‘MOWING WITH ANDRE,’ our hero was feeling jealous of the next-door neighbor’s tractor. Apparently things have shifted–or maybe it’s the other neighbor now? All I know, is that Andre Jordan, Master Doodler, has some mower issues. (Who doesn’t?) The evidence to date:

Not so long ago, as I mentioned, Andre was left in the dust by the guy with the tractor, remember?

Then there was that chilling last mow of the year in 2009. Talking about a mowing addiction.

I even recall that he swore he was “sick to death” of mowing (his words). Yup. But as they say in the 12-Step Programs: “Denial isn’t a river in Egypt.”

We’re here for you, Andre.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Louise, and thank you for the link! I am still shoveling over here the old way, but it grows wearying, to say the least. See you soon again I hope.

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