doodle by andre: the advent of spring

THE DICTIONARY SAYS ‘ADVENT’ MEANS “the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event,” so I guess these next couple of weeks really qualify. To celebrate the advent of spring, hallelujah, master doodler and daydreamer Andre Jordan has performed some adaptive re-use on an old Wellington I seem to have misplaced. Where did you find than damn boot, Andre? I could have sworn it was here somewhere…

  1. andre says:

    I have had enough of waiting… sitting on my hands …. my wife and I have a fence to put up/design … it needs to be garden time NOW.

    (yes fence frustration doodles shall appear here soon)

  2. maria says:

    I know it’s coming-the daffodils are poking through the snow! We won’t be sitting on our hands too much longer-hang in there everybody!!

  3. Salix says:

    It’s funny! I lived most of my life in Denmark where “spring” is when the season has truly changed from winter and not on a certain date. Now, living in Ontario, Canada, spring, summer, fall, and winter always are announced to start on certain days and I find it amusing and somewhat “square”.

  4. Mary Ashcraft says:

    Just returned from the Philadelphia Flower Show – 1st time in many years – no snow in Philadelphia – spring must be around the corner!

  5. dcs says:

    It must be starting pretty soon – when I go outside in the mornings I can hear the chorus mumbling their warm-ups while waiting for their cue.

    1. margaret says:

      Good idea, Tara. The first tomato harvest, for example, would be one to count back from with anticipation. :)

  6. Barb says:

    Your boot looks like the boot of Italy where my daughter lives. Warm in the south although her northern Alpine town isn’t as cold as the Brrrkshires are today.

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