doodle by andre: spatial priorities

RATHER THAN TRY TO GILD THE LILY, why don’t I just leave Andre Jordan’s doodle to speak for itself? To my mind the shed might still be too small and the house too big…but I will shut up now and leave mad enough alone.

  1. Eric says:

    Who would have time to mow with a wonderfully large shed like that to escape to… um, putter around in? I’d just include stepping stones to mark the way through the “meadow.”

  2. Willi says:

    hey! This looks just like my yard. Tiny house. Big garden shed. Lots of grass. All that’s missing is me, the determined gardener, digging out all the dang grass every weekend! Love it.

  3. debra says:

    Andre and Margaret ~ This is a wonderful illustration. You are officially welcome to join my club of “Shedistas”! Seriously, you need to see my new book called STYLISH SHEDS AND ELEGANT HIDEAWAYS, because there really are people whose garden sheds are (nearly) as large as their homes. We’ve photographed and written their stories. And even if some of these sweet retreats are modest in size, they are designed with a big vision for enjoying the garden year ’round. Email me off-line and I’ll arrange to have review copies sent to you. Debra

  4. andre says:

    I have always wanted a giant garden shed – a place to paint and doodle in.

    As someone new to the US I have thus far found a haven on the porch (something we don’t have in England). I could sit for hours on my ‘golden armchair’ doodling.

  5. margaret says:

    I’m thinking Andre will need to re-tool on this one: We need a meadow, a vegetable garden, paving stones for a path, a bigger house AND a bigger shed, beds for other plantings…

  6. Judy Pulley (Mum-In-Law) says:

    Way to go Andre, a blank canvas, that’s the way my hubby would want it. He grows a giant veggie garden every year and he does not want someone else’s design. IT HAS TO BE HIS WAY!
    Of course I think you are spot on!!!!!!!

  7. margaret says:

    Welcome, Uncle Brendan. (I hope it’s OK that I call you “uncle,” since by now I have met the entire family thanks to Andre becoming a columnist here, and feel almost related). It’s so nice of you to join in the well-wishes, thank you.

  8. Chloe says:

    Looks like my backyard… but instead of grass … think groundcover that needs no mowing…. keep it green…. then plant and piddle to your heart’s content! Wish all of my designs were this simple….

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