doodle by andre: some serious deadheading

THERE HE GOES AGAIN WITH THAT ACCENT. Welcome back from your travels, dear imported Andre Jordan, English accent and all; and thanks for bringing a flowering branch (get it: branch?) of the Royal Family with you to pass judgment on the lowliest of creatures. Oh, wait–maybe that was the Queen of Hearts in the original “Alice in Wonderland” film who said “Off with their heads!” (note spelling of off). The royals don’t pass judgment, do they? Someone here’s in need of a proper royal history lesson. :)

  1. andre says:

    I just watched the new Alice in wonderland.

    i did not like it

    the royal family are mostly German and they have no power. But I like them because they bring in a lot of tourists and make a lot of money for charity.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Cameron — isn’t Andre great? I missed him during his vacation the last couple of weeks and always feel better when he is on duty. :) See you soon!

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Wendy. Isn’t Andre wonderful? When his thought bubbles are filled with English-accented phrases, I especially have a giggle. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. Miss Whistle says:

    It would be marvelous to have a west coast version or edition of A Way To Garden. Perhaps such a thing exists and I’ve yet to find it.

    This blog is indispensable to me, even in Los Angeles. Thank you so much.

    Miss W x

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