doodle by andre: so long for now

garden cartoon on early spring by Andre JordanTHIS IS HOW IT GOES, beginning at the first real thaw: Farewell “life,” hello garden. Thanks to Doodler Andre Jordan for depicting the Headless-Chicken Syndrome that doesn’t end till frost is solidly back in the ground. See you out there?

      1. Lacey says:

        Funny! My neighbor texted me to see if I’m ok because he didn’t think I got my requisite 18 hours of outside time yesterday.

  1. Judith Julian says:

    I’ll be in my gardens but you probably won’t see me :-) I have too many beds and just as I finish weeding one, I have to work on another one. Between weeding and moving plants, it is never ending… but it’s what I enjoy.

  2. Jane says:

    My husband is constantly telling me he’s going to sew RFID bar codes on my jeans so he can find me in the garden!

  3. Linda says:

    So good to know that I am amongst compulsive gardeners who neglect everything and everyone until September. My poor husband has to fend for himself, but he knows that the garden is like an addiction for me. Is there a garden support group out there ?

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