doodle by andre: snug as a bug in a hoodie?

I APPRECIATE THE FACT that dear Andre Jordan reads the monthly garden chores, and knows we need to particularly look after vulnerable things right now, like fruit trees, that naughty rodents like to chew on all winter. I guess I need to be a little more specific, though: I wasn’t talking about fleece hoodies and other up-top outerwear (cute as they may be, Andre; do you have the green one in a size small?) but more like armor at ground level–arboreal footwear, so to speak, fashioned of hardware cloth and wire. You got your garden buttoned up against the wild things?

  1. Simon says:

    My fruit trees, the apples and plums, now have their winter coats on. A 4 inch band of grease about 18inches off the ground. This is stop the coddling moths crawling up the stems. I hope it keeps the trees warm!

  2. Linda B Horn says:

    Would like to post an image of fall burn of my native meadow. For all those with large mowed lawns, an alternative supporting native plants and insects.

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