THE EDICT HAS BEEN POSTED on the cellar door (a.k.a., Tender Plants Headquarters): Do Not Disturb. Apparently the non-hardy creatures in storage want some uninterrupted beauty rest, and I’m meant to accommodate. There’s only one hitch: Though I infer from the cracks around the door that they think there’s no room at the inn, I have many more pots and crates and bags to stuff down there before it’s a full house. Move over, babies; make room for the next busload. Thanks, Andre Jordan, for another accurate depiction of overstuffed life here and now.

  1. Laura W says:

    I can’t decide if I’m brilliant or insane – just secured space in a local greenhouse to keep all my tender babies for the winter. Am already looking forward to periodic trips to visit them!

  2. Carol Shuler says:

    Here in the Sonoran Desert, we’re still wearing our now ragged summer clothes. The early mornings are finally pleasant. I grew winter squash for the first time this year and am wondering if there signs of the squash becoming prime for harvest. I planted late August hoping for harvest in Nov. We need the late date due to heat. Some of the stems are starting to show some brown. I want to allow the sugars to fully develop.

    I am also looking for short season seed varieties as we really have 4 short seasons. Most of the seed companies don’t identify them. Any recommendations?


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