doodle by andre: she’s gotta have it!


NOTE TO SELF: NEED MORE OF FOLLOWING–Abies, Bacopa, Canna, Dicentra, Epimedium, Fagus, Galanthus, Helianthus, Ilex, Juniperus, Knautia, Laburnum, Miscanthus, Nicotiana, Ophiopogon, Physocarpus, Quercus, Rhus, Salix, Trillium, Uvularia, Viburnum, Woodsia, Xanthosoma, Yucca, Zinnia. Enough said. (Second note to self: Rent panel truck.) Thanks to doodler Andre Jordan for sharing his list (but Andre, why no Cactus?).

  1. langhowellrooffltonc says:

    I now have a list: Plants I really appreciate friends sharing with me!

    Wow… just yesterday Steve told me he’d pulled out some things his wife didn’t want replanted when they redid a big bed… HOSTA, CALADIUMS, DAYLILLIES, and OTHER BULBS I’m not sure what – yet! Glad to have them…


    Deb gave me SOLOMON’S SEAL and SPIRAREA!

    CREPE MYRTLES and HELEBORES were also contributed!

    My friends and relatives know I appreciate contributions. It’s much better than a wish list – it’s a “plants I appreciate friends sharing with me” list!

    Ain’t gardenin great?!

  2. Yes, why no cactus? I have an Opuntia cactus in my garden, in an out of the way spot so I don’t accidentally touch it and get all those little stickery things stuck in me… Oh wait, maybe that is why no cactus… those stickery things are a pain to remove from your hands.

  3. andre says:

    I do not like cactus. I am sorry. I always think of them as the half dead things I saw on windowsills on my way into town when I lived in rainy Northampton (England).

  4. Tammy says:

    I am not surprised that you don’t like cactus. Somehow rainy England and cactus do not seem to go together. However, I live in Texas and they would be the last plant I would buy, also.

  5. chigal says:

    Speaking of cactus…how do you get them to grow? I have some barrel cactus plants that have been the same softball size for a few years. (Thought they’d help protect a more delicate plant from the cat, but they only drew his attention. He enjoys chewing on the spikes.)

  6. Andrea Wallick says:

    Love this one Andre! Margaret, I wonder if I could start a nursery at my home, stock up on fave plants and trees, then change my mind and keep it, mulch and all! Lyme brain or genius?

  7. ken says:

    Why no cactus? Poor thing. I have a beautiful prickly pearish darling whose blooms and fruits are exquisite and who survives winter every year.

  8. Fred from Loudonville, NY says:

    I think Andre’s cartoon is that of a new gardener, EXCITED by all the new offerings that could be had. After years of gardening, you have a lot of stuff, and no more space for things that you would love to acquire. The only space is had, if a plant dies through the winter, and then you have an excuse to go and buy someting new. I also think gardeners who have done it for years, get tired, and do not want to take on all the EXTRA work, it takes to make everything look good. As for the cactus,… in the Academy Park, by the state Capital in Albany, NY is a clump of winter hardy cactus. They have been there for years, and are thriving. They are a wonderful surprise that is not expected in a Zone 5 garden space.

  9. chigal says:

    I just hit that milestone this year — when an old plant dies over the winter. I have a pot of sage, and one of the plants turned into a little dry stump. So I was able to buy a new variety to fill that hole. This is even more fun than growing them from seed, which I did with the first set (and it took forEVER – I’ve lost track of how many years ago I planted these). If another of the old ones dies next winter, I’m getting pineapple sage.

  10. Joanna says:

    What about Irises too? I agree with Andre the only cactus’s you see in England tend to be on a windowsills however at Kew Gardens they do exhibit some fine ones!

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Joanna. Yes, there should be Iris on the list…the Siberians are just about to pop here, and the few remaining beardeds that I haven’t smothered or shaded out as shrubbery got too big after so many years here. Iris! Thanks, and see you soon again.

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