doodle by andre: she loves me…or not


SHE LOVES ME, SHE LOVES ME NOT.Andre Jordan seems to keep hoping for the best, despite a few well-documented cases of rejection (as in, loc. cit., The Girl I Love With All My Heart. Caveat emptor: Deliciously not PG!).

  1. andre says:

    Susan – I think if Barry continues to believe in the impossible, then his luck will eventually change … or it might just snow.

    Margaret – thanks for the link to ‘The girl I love with all my heart’. I continue to write about her in the privacy of my home hoping for a happy ending … though I worry it might just snow

  2. John at JWLW says:

    I think Daisy has Gardenitice You know that dreaded disease that all gardeners get this time of year. Totally confused and in an array waiting for spring.


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