doodle by andre: seeds of seasons past

poppy_seed_by-andre-jordanAPOLOGIES: THE MASTER DOODLER IS AWAY THIS WEEK. “Now or never,” I warned him. “No gardeners or garden doodlers get holidays after the end of March.” (Kidding.) In HRH Andre Jordan’s absence I’ve gathered some seed-filled doodles, including the one up top, a personal favorite—at least among his tame and tender ones. Enjoy the others I harvested for your pleasure:

I don’t know what Andre was thinking when he drew this doodle (above). I don’t have a problem with seed-shopping, do you?

I turn back to this sunny, hopeful doodle (above) whenever I need a boost. Thanks, Andre, for always being there.  (Except for this week. Tee hee.)

I use a dibber to plant my peas and beans and other big seeds (and small bulbs, too),  so this somewhat raunchy old doodle (above) came to mind as well when thoughts turned to seeds.

  1. Mari Brunsell says:

    I love Andre’s doodles and wit as much when they’re ascerbic as when they’re tender-hearted.
    Perhaps all gardeners are both nurturers and warriors.

    – Mrs. B.

  2. Kathy says:

    Your newsletter is great anyway and Andre’s doodles just put a ribbon on it.
    They always make me think and laugh.
    And even if some of us do have a seed buying ‘problem’ the people who think
    that are just wrong. ; )

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