doodle by andre: portrait of a marriage

awtg--TheTruthTHERE AIN’T A CROCUS to be seen here yet, but up popped Andre Jordan, the Mad Doodler of South Dakota (via the U.K.), with a new doodle. In his spare time, Andre is a couples counselor (NOT). For clients in trouble, he usually recommends separate beds–but I’m not optimistic that measure will help the marriage depicted above, are you? 

Thanks for the fresh produce, Andre, to kick off another spring together.

  1. Sharon B. says:

    During our courtship, I somehow got the idea that Joe would be a soldier-in-arms out in the garden. After we married, I soon found out that he hated garden work of any kind. Since we’re both prosecutors, I have many times threatened to prosecute him for “courtship fraud” as I toil alone….

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