NOBODY TWEETED THAT THEY WANTED SUET, NOT PEPPERONI, on their pizza–and who would have guessed that a Whopper paled by comparison to a tiny grain of millet? Birdbrains, these feathered types are total birdbrains, I swear. :) Thanks, Andre Jordan, for channeling our avian companions. I’d stick around to chat a bit but I have to hurry to the local Farm & Feed to buy some proper fare for supper in 40-pound bags, or there may be a re-enactment of Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” (Shudder.)

  1. Martina Pet says:

    Andre’s doodles are just PURE AWESOME!! They always make me smile. Thx for posting them! I never would have known about his site otherwise.

  2. jacky at smallgardenlove says:

    Just found your site, a lot of great information. Especially love the doodles.Funny about the birds, picky eaters, you’d think they eat anything that was free!

  3. Elaine says:

    Has Andre been in my garden?! This is exactly what my goldfinches are doing with the thistle seed I bought (from a different place than I usually get it). It’s expensive and I don’t think I can take it back just because the birds don’t like it. I sure do missing them hanging every which way from the thistle sock though, so I am going to break down and get another bag.

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