GOOD FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS or some such wisdom, but what do they do to marriages? Apparently, fences provoke “discussion.” Like this one. Guess who is winning (hint: her hair is looking a little unruly today)? Thanks, Andre the doodler, for another peek into your psyche, if not your actual outer world.

  1. Roadchick says:

    Good fences make good neighbors, according to Robert Frost.

    Good ol’ Robert didn’t have the neighbors I do, who, in order to ‘hide’ the fact that they were building a shed without a permit or inspections, tacked on a 4 foot extension to the top of the fence between our yards as well as the one across the side that faces the street.

    It does, however, keep their pair of dachsunds neatly contained. Of course, so did the original fence as dachsunds are notoriously short of leg.


    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Roadchick. Nice to see you here. :) Sounds like they are doing a great job of “hiding” their secrets. Oh, dear. Makes me smile to think what height of fence a dachshund really requires; what an image. See you soon, I hope. No extra-tall fences here.

  2. Christine B. says:

    What do fences do to marriages? Nothing good. We installed a new fence and I was just beginning to think about what color to stain it. Next thing I know, my other half is out their painting it burnt orange. I walked out there aghast and all he could say was (proudly): “I got this free from my dad’s garage.” This fence color doesn’t just fade into the background of our small yard. I can’t wait to move.

    Christine in Alaska

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Christine. “Free from my dad’s garage” just about says it all. Ouch! Sounds like you had better stumble on some paint in someone else’s garage and erase his misdeeds. :) Glad to see you all the way from Alaska, and hope you won’t be a stranger.

  3. Earth Girl Knits (Emily) says:

    I resonate with the drawing. Until it snowed, though, I never knew this was happening. All of a sudden, there were dog and people tracks in the backyard not by us. One day, I put two and two together: it was Poppy (the escapee) and her master.

    1. Margaret says:

      @Andrew’s mother: Hilarious (or maybe not so). How are you? Spring springing there in Michigan yet? Nice to “see” you.

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