doodle by andre: oh happy day! (and a giveaway)

OH HAPPY DAY (OH HAPPY DAY…). That Edwin Hawkins Singers song from 1969 is what this doodle by Andre Jordan reminds me of, though my gospel here on the blog is gardening, and our shared church–yours and mine–is the outdoors. To celebrate the feeling of gardeners in sunshine (oh happy day!), I’m adding a little incentive to comment on this week’s gorgeous doodle: a giveaway of three copies of Andre’s doodled memoir, “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now.” How to win one of my favorite books ever:

Simply comment below, telling us what aspect of Andre’s work touches you (naughty? nice? wacky? wonderful?–use your own words). If you’re not sure, review all his doodles (!!!!) at this link.

As the holiday weekend ends at midnight Monday, May 31, I’ll select three winners at random using random.org’s random-number selector.

By the way, Andre’s wife, Mrs. Andre, says this doodle would make the nicest wallpaper, and she is just exactly right. Oh happy day! (Which see, below. Or more precisely, which hear.)

  1. vicki says:

    I love the simple, matter of fact, truth in Andre’s drawings. This one makes me think of what a bumble would say if he could talk.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Amanda. “Tragically funny” is a perfect description, yes. Glad to see you here, and hope we will again soon.

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