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privacy by andre jordan

A PPARENTLY THE VOICE OF JACK THE DEMON CAT, who lives in a shed of his own here, can be heard all the way in Nebraska by doodling Andre. Isn’t that what this illustration is about: my nocturnal killer cat who entertains who knows what out there all night long? Or am I missing something? Wait, Jack doesn’t usually say “bloody” (though things get that way when he’s on the prowl: weasel tails, anyone?). What do you think is going on in Andre’s shed, dare I ask (and what’s up in yours)?

  1. Johanna says:

    Sadly, what goes on in my shed (and barn) has four feet and cute little round ears! Need a cat like Jack instead of my wussy sleep on the bed cats!

  2. Charlotte Cantrell says:

    One of my cats had a “Cardinal lunch” the other day. I not happy with that, but that’s nature.

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