doodle by andre: my path in the snow

doodle by andre jordan

EVERY SECOND OR THIRD DAWN, as soon as it’s light enough to see, I put on my boots and fill the seed bucket and head out to re-stock the birdfeeders. On many winter mornings, I use same footprints in the snow I used on the last roundtrip–just like in Andre Jordan‘s doodle. I always go the long way, leaving no trace of myself to mar the view; I love looking out at virgin snow. It won’t be long now, though, before the canvas is green. The last feeder trip or two, the first hints of a dawn chorus greeted me, where only a week ago, there was silence (other than that crazy flock of turkeys roosting at the garden’s edge, in the big trees). I love it here in Nowheresville; I’m glad to be the Lost Gardener.

  1. narf7 says:

    I can’t imagine a carpet of snow. I didn’t actually “see” snow till I was in my 40’s and moved to tasmania and only then, when we headed up a mountain to the peak to see it. It is funny how different climates can be and I sometimes envy the Northern U.S. Canadian and European states their snow and winter solace. There is nothing like true distinctions between the seasons to give you a clear cut line between your yearly tasks…here it sometimes gets a bit blury between the seasons and you might be mistaken for actually missing spring and autumn if you live on mainland Australia in most places. I love the illustration and the way that Andre has managed to capture that lost quality in those dotty eyes :)

  2. Daisy Marshall says:

    This has to be my favorite Andre doodle, and I can vividly picture you as you describe it, but when I first looked at it before reading, what came was, me looking for my lost garden. Ah! the mind!!!!!! Only there would I be walking in the snow Margaret, and then. Who’s to know???

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