doodle by andre: my kingdom for a shed


FETISHES COME IN ALL DIMENSIONS AND DESCRIPTIONS, and Andre’s is shaped like a shed–a very unusual shed. My only questions:
Where’s the deer-preventing moat; does it come with an army of serfs who mow and weed, and is there a dungeon for plants that prove to be thugs?

Our beloved, shed-mad Andre Jordan has pondered outbuildings before in this space, you may recall, sheds with well-defended privacy and sheds twice the size of the house. I suspect we haven’t heard the last of the “S” word from the lord of the manor.

  1. Johanna says:

    2010 garden design ideas? I seem to be missing red in my autumn garden — how could that possibly have happened? Others in this area have bushes and trees that are flaming right about now. And add fruit.

    And I’m right there with Andre — need a big old comfy chair in that garden shed renovation!

  2. Roxie's Mom says:

    Oh dear. Is someone (cough! Mrs. Andre? cough!) threatening (er, suggesting) to (re)move the gold Windsor armchair from the house? Necessitating a fortress-like “garden shed” to protect it?

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Roxie’s Mom. I suspect Mrs. Andre is exceedingly patient, but everyone has her limits. :) See you soon again, we hope.

  3. Judy says:

    I have a shed, but unfortunately my husband thinks he can put things in it. So – my kingdom for a shed of my own! No electricity to this marital shed, but using a headlamp takes care of that. It is dark more and more these days here in the Pacific Northwest, but yes the red flames help brighten the landscape. So Johanna, be sure to plant some red-twig dogwood and especially the cultivar Mid-Winter Fire if it will grow in your area.

  4. chigal says:

    Oh, to have room for a shed. My plans for next year revolve around tidying up after this year’s chaotic containers — planting more of fewer varieties, for starters. Riiight.

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