doodle by andre: last call for bulb orders

SOMETIMES I GET TWO VERSIONS OF A DOODLE from Andre Jordan, and he wants me to choose. And usually I can’t. Instead, let’s pretend this is a two-part conversation between the bulbs, shall we? Part 1: Told that he’d “better hurry up,” (above) the late-arriving bulb offers his more timely colleague this further explanation for his tardiness:

Apparently the bulb in the hole is a bit of a broken record. “You better hurry up,” he chirps again.

As for who ordered more bulbs Saturday night, I swear the “she” wasn’t me. Andre Jordan is exactly right that there is nothing on television, but I am exerting some self-control for a change over here. Really.

  1. Johanna says:

    So many dangerous moments when we try to add “just a few more” bulbs to the garden! But I heard Margaret say on the radio that we could plant them through Christmas if the ground isn’t frozen!!!

  2. terryk says:

    I heard that podcast too.

    Everytime I click on a new “green” word on your website it opens up a link that entices me and I discover more plants that I would like to add to my garden. Now if it rains this afternoon, I have another area of your website to explore, I am sure I will learn something new. Thanks Margaret.

    This year I was going to have foot surgery (notice the “was” in that sentence-I just did not get up the nerve) so I held off on bulbs. This fall I concentrated on creating a new bed with early spring shrubs and hellebores done. I know bulbs would be an added plus, next fall…

  3. Deirdre says:

    I’m lucky living in Seattle. I can plant bulbs until the end of the year, and even beyond though I don’t recommend it. One year, I didn’t get them into the ground until February (I’d had a baby that fall, and didn’t get around to it). They came up late, but they came up. Determined things are bulbs.

  4. Bobster says:

    Perfect timing, and a perfect doodle! I was *just* thinking this morning that I need to get a move on!!!

    Could 2010 be the year that all the bulbs get planted before it’s too late? Usually at least one bag of bulbs nagging at my conscience all through Winter. Now that I know they talk to each other I’ve got added incentive to get planting! :-)

  5. Corrina says:

    Perfect timing! Once again, I came here seeking inspiration and found it. Off to the garden center on this rainy day… won’t the hubby be pleased? :-) Thanks, Margaret and Andre.

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