doodle by andre: keeping winter at bay

I’M PRETTY SURE I CAN pack enough summer into jars to get me through the dark days, or at least I’m trying. What’s your tactic for pretending the days aren’t getting shorter fast? (Thanks to dear Andre Jordan for his wealth of garden doodles.)

  1. Norma says:

    Here in the deep south we look forward to the cooler weather. But with the shorter days – especially when daylight savings time comes around – we get cheated. By the time one gets home from work it’s too dark to play in the garden!

    On weekends, I’ll start cleaning out the greenhouse and making room for cuttings and seedlings to be ready for spring planting.

  2. Beth says:

    I made some pear butter with the small crop of pears my tree produced this year; it tastes great on toast with peanut butter. I also put in some orange mums in planters by my door. I know the mums won’t last, but they help me accept the changing of the seasons. I have yet to try pickles, maybe next year!

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