doodle by andre: it’s amazing out there, no?


T HOUGH I HOPE MY FIGURE IS STILL A TAD BETTER THAN THIS GUY’S, despite all the dark chocolate and fig bars lately, he is definitely on to something: Miracles abound outside the window. Have you had a look today? Thanks, Andre Jordan, for the sweet reminder.

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  1. Johanna says:

    Thanks, Andre, it’s so true! Just when I thought my clematis ternifolia had drowned over the winter, on Sunday I saw the very tips of three stems peeking through the soil. A miracle!

  2. chigal says:

    My peas have started to blossom. And a pepper I cut down to a stump in November (but didn’t uproot, to let everything else in the pot keep going) has regrown in miniature form, and fruited! Bonsai chiles. I think I’ll keep it going.

  3. Andrea says:

    The chocolate and fig bars are for stamina as you rev up for your big Open Garden date this Sunday, right?! Do you do everything yourself? I so wish I could come stroll… will look through the schedule to see if you have another date later in the summer and then sweettalk my husband into a roadtrip! I wish you clear skies and interesting people :)

  4. Ailsa says:

    Yes, I am looking forward to seeing the lovely garden that you have created Margaret. I am hoping the skies are clearer than they are here and that I am a moderately interesting person….see you Sunday!

  5. andre says:

    oh today has been quite a day. My Mother has come to visit from England and we have spent most of the day looking at the garden and talking about the last 10 months.

  6. Susan says:

    I am not sure about fig bars, but the dark chocolate is a must. Looking outside my window this morning, I have more alliums in full bloom. I will see you on Sunday, hoping maybe that the Frogboys might come back for the tour.

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