doodle by andre: intervention imminent


JACK IS EDGY. It’s the pile of catalogs teetering on the end of the table here, he claims, the corner that’s just above his bed (one of his five beds, I should mention, ahem, but that’s another story altogether). This morning, he let me know in no uncertain terms (“Meow!” he said, with a forceful and foreboding intonation) that if I kept pawing their pages much longer with “that certain look” on my face, he was going to rat me out to a shrink. (I suspect the dear doodler Andre Jordan put him up to it, and that all Jack’s worried about is if I go and spend his kibble budget on not-so-tasty seeds.)

  1. maureen walker says:

    Explain to Jack that you are simply supporting his hobby of Ornithology.
    Ask him if he’d REALLY prefer to look out of the window and see NO birds.
    If windows are “Kitty TV”, then he’s lucky that you are ensuring that it’s educational!

    1. margaret says:

      Very funny, Maureen. I will try to reason with him (when he wakes up between naps, that is).

      Hi, Karyn. Not to worry – they’re all just piling up now. No rush. I had to re-order a bunch, too, that didn’t show upon their own this year.

  2. Karyn says:

    Oh dear, have the seed catalogs all shown up? I was afraid of this. I’ve been waiting and waiting, but I’ve only gotten Fedco’s so far and it seemed ominous. I hat to sign up a second time with all the companies, but it seems like maybe I need to. I hope I haven’t missed out! I’ve been looking forward to seed catalogs for months.

  3. Karyn says:

    Margaret, you are magic! I got home to two seed catalogs in my mailbox. I guess I know where to leave my worries when my seeds aren’t germinating this spring.

  4. karenj says:

    Yes, the periodic cascading avalanche of catalogs, and my scribbling in the garden notebook, causes the Chicomeister to grumble as well. Feline consternation as his feeling that our winter break should be max lap time is undermined…

  5. Martha in Austin TX says:

    Ah, Mr. Jack, I can so empathize with your concern about those catalogues–that Ms. Queen of the House & Fields Margaret is uttering endless ooohs and ahhhhs over scentless paper images and grand ideas, instead of your svelte self! You could try sitting on some of them, or exhibiting a great sprawl–that sometimes works for me–or you can just cope with the distraction and wait for her wild imaginings to pass–humans are so guillable to dreams of future glories. However, as we cats have excellent memories (instead of living in the future unknowns) thus you can comfort yourself through her January Enrapturement with your own recollections of how grand it can be to stretch out in the cool dirt underneath the rhubarb leaves, or curl among the squash. And I agree, she is worrying to excess–the mice will wait–there will just be more to entertain you in the spring. Steady on old fellow! Keep warm and remember The Margaret is worth your patience.
    My Hearty Regards,
    Mr. Timothy Tom Thomas from Warm Hearth in Texas.

  6. SusieB says:

    Ha! I feel like cats act that way about pretty much everything that draws attention away from them. Whenever I try to work from home mine just sits on the desk next to my keyboard staring, like “hello? you’re home, this is about me now.”

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