doodle by andre: in a total pickle


WHO WILL WIN THE RACE TO THE FINISH LINE: the cucumbers, or the frost? Andre the doodler emailed me the other day for a pickle recipe, so I’m thinking he’s busy trying to put his money on the cukes, hoping that they all get into jars before the first wintry blast interferes. (And by the way, his rescued pit bull’s name: Pickle. There’s something comforting about pickles, in any shape or size. Woof.)

  1. Johanna says:

    We had a green parakeet named Pickles when I was a kid. He lived for years until he met an untimely end with one of our cats.

    As for getting things done before the winter, I really screwed up last night. When they said “chance of frost” I replied “oh, no, couldn’t possibly be, not when I have a final batch of basil to pick for winter pesto!” This morning it was all frozen and this evening, growing black.

    Any recipes for black basil?

  2. dennis r says:

    in new york we suffered the “late blight” & my beefsteak tomatoes were the size of ping pong balls. this year the only real bumper crop was wisconsin pickling cucumbers.
    i tried dan koshansky’s recipe for refrigerator pickles (first time virgin pickler here, btw….) & i got standing “O”s!!! i’m sorry i only made 3 quarts. piece of advice…don’t skimp on the fresh garlic…
    dennis r
    lagrangeville, ny
    zone 5

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Jane. I like mine the American style: gherkins cut up and other bits, more relish-like. Andre is a Branston Pickle kind of guy, I hear. Hope to see you soon again. :)

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