doodle by andre: i solemnly swear…

NOT ME, NOPE. ‘I DEFINITELY WON’T DO THAT AGAIN.’ Find yourself saying any such thing as the new year dawned? Someone in A Way to Garden’s South Dakota office apparently did. Thanks, Andre Jordan, for sharing your resolves (or those of your imagination, at least). They aren’t the first such “I will’s” you’ve doodled for us:

And as you said: Amen, to all of it.

  1. Margaret says:

    My list is so long — even this many years into this crazy passion/hobby/lifestyle of ours — that I dare not share it. :)

  2. WakingDream says:

    I promise to deadhead the striking, but prolific, Perilla before its fallen seeds result in a weedy line of purple “snakes” filling the cracks of my bluestone patio.

  3. Gina says:

    Don’t agree on the hedge trimmer comment. Have been doing it all by hand for years. The new electric trimmer is working so well on my long driveway hedge. There is a time and place for everything…..

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