doodle by andre: hazardous to your health


THANK GOODNESS WE HAVE ANDRE JORDAN to warn us of the dangers all around us in this hazardous hobby of ours. I confess that even though I tried to exhibit restraint in this year’s seed orders, a few extra things have found their way into my stash. Oh, well, if you cannot resist, then get help…or just surrender to the magical power of seeds and cast your trouble (and seeds) to the wind, in acts of hope. Thank you, dear Andre, for a least trying to watch out for us.

  1. Susan says:

    I needed to buy a rake on Sunday and found myself in the seed isle. I had a huge pile and then realized what was I going to do. So I put most of them back, with regret. I did keep a couple, to satisfy my needs.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Amy says:

    Oh my gosh did I have to rein myself in with the seed catalogs this year! I’m starting my first veggie garden and don’t want to overdo it. Then there are the nursery catalogs with all those varieties of fruit trees and bushes! Oh the blueberries I want to grow… sigh. One small step at a time.

    Best regards, Amy

  3. andre says:

    every time I go to the supermarket with my wife I mutter to myself as I pass the seeds ‘I must not buy I must not buy. Just say no to the seeds.’ Then as a reward for my restraint I buy a big packet of chocolate and nut clusters, 6 butterscotch puddings, and a carton of cigarettes.

  4. chigal says:

    Freebies are my downfall. I have to plant them despite having no desire for that particular plant and no spot in which to put it. Banana peppers, anyone?

  5. margaret anna says:

    Southern Gardners

    I know we all dislike bugs of any sort, so if you have a screened enclosure for a pool, or a porch you could try your vegetables, underneath. Perfect veggies on the way here, no spray needed.


  6. invisiblebees says:

    I’m daydreaming on what it might be like to be stranded on the “seed isle.” Sounds like another great doodle idea!

  7. boodely says:

    Yes, this new living in the country involves the unexpected hazard of seeds at every store. Hence the 3 kinds of peas, rainbow chard and spinach that I was going to wait until next year to try. Need to get to a meeting…

  8. Amy says:

    Not to encourage any more excessive behavior but—

    if anyone out there hasn’t yet discovered Pinetree Garden Seeds in Maine [www.superseeds.com] — they are wonderful!! They sell seeds in small quantities, so you can try many different varieties without spending a fortune. Or start just one or two plants of something without feeling like you’re wasting a whole packet of seed.

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