doodle by andre: gentle reminders

gardeners_list framedTHERE IS SIMPLY NOTHING TO SAY in response to this latest and greatest of Andre Jordan’s outbursts but this: I shower daily, sir. (All Andre’s doodle, both passive-aggressive or kinder-gentler in tone, are here.)

  1. jodi says:

    Regarding point number four: The plants won’t understand or the friends won’t? It worries me if it’s the plants…that means that your friends don’t talk to their plants. :-)

  2. Sarah O says:

    #4 is so unfair, and I have had first-hand experience of it. We’re expected to talk to our friends’ pets, and yet somehow talking to their plants is a bridge too far? *sigh*

  3. andre says:

    Sarah O – Prince Charles talks to his plants. It worries most of the nation.

    Susan – just between you and me, I think if I were to see a girl in a posh restaurant wearing garden boots, I’d fall head over heels in love.

  4. Lynn says:

    I can’t seem to talk about anything but the garden (wait, though it does, for spring) and our little Beagle. People nod, smile, and go look for that bar. As for the unwashed bit, between the garden and a passion for rock climbing, there’s not much hope (and I wore my Mountain Khakis to work today…).

  5. Sarah O says:

    Andre – oh, they shouldn’t be concerned, at least not until he develops an inordinately close relationship with his Scottish gardener, retreats to some island estate, and starts communicating through flower posies. ;)

  6. cat says:

    I thought the English were passionate gardeners. Do they not talk to their plants? (Or are they just too straitlaced to admit it?)

  7. India Flint says:

    my garden boots, steel-capped and somewhat ripped on top are regulars everywhere…the washing is more of a challenge as we’re in an extended Big Dry. i’d call it a drought, except that most years are like this and you’d think the label “drought” would be an exceptional tag for an exceptional circumstance.
    so the challenge here is to become clean[er] while using only teacups of water…that are carefully saved in the washbowl and transferred to whichever plant is sobbing loudest in the garden…

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, India. I send my rain dance your way, and my nasty, ripped-up garden boots send their best to yours as well. Do come again and see us here.

    1. Lissa P says:

      Oh my, does this post “hit home.” It just dawned on me why my husband and I don’t do social activities over Memorial Day because we are usually planting. We have 3 adult children and 4 adorable grandchildren but never invite them over Memorial Day weekend, I’m ashamed to say. Anne has the perfect addition to the list. I will start weeding the landscaping at restaurants, even, without thinking; dressed in my Sunday best, no less!

  8. Sandra R says:

    I loved this. Although I would add to wash (from personal experience) “Clean under your fingernails”. Even with gardening gloves on, somehow this is still an issue.
    And I am totally into talking to plants. Especially when unpacking them from shipping. They need the encouragement, IMO.

  9. Jody Martin says:

    HOW ABOUT A QUESTION? I was stirred inside when I read the Times’ article on flower pressing—back to a time with my grandma. What a warm memory. I often develop a fondness for something that I think is unique to me—only to reminded, much later—that what I thought was unique is actually a resurfaced affinity from another time or person (grandma). As with flower-pressing—now I CAN DO THAT! But I was disappointed that the article/ column did not mention something that I remember vividly: the powder, corn starch (or some other powder substance) that aided in the drying process—and had to be shaken free from the dried flowers before arranging behind a glass. Did I dream it—or was that ever part of the process? Thank you! Jody

    1. margaret says:

      Silica gel is one powder some people use. I have read about Borax mixed with cornstarch and various other concoctions, but do not not the details.

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