doodle by andre: father xmas or an elf?


THE TOPIC OF GNOMES is a popular one here at A Way to Garden (or should I say an unpopular one in that gnomes rate high on collective our Garden No-No’s list?). Whether he is trying to stir up trouble or simply get in the holiday spirit by conjuring images of Santa and his elves, daydreamer Andre Jordan offers this latest in our garden doodle series. One faintly disturbing fact: From “Campaign 2008,” it sounds like we’ll be seeing more of this guy.

  1. susan says:

    My grandma had one gnome, he sat among her fabulous roses. She died in 91′ and when we went back to London in 95′ the gnome was missing. This was an old terracotta gnome that had watched her garden for years. The thought of plastic would make her crazy. It should not be allowed.

  2. Cindy says:

    Garden gnomes (not plastic ones) actually are on my Christmas list! Hooray for the gnomes…there are still nice ones out there!

  3. margaret says:

    Yes, Melinda, apparently Andrew wants us to understand that gnomes are people, too–made of terra cotta, just like us. :)

  4. andre says:

    I have a feeling this might be the first of many gnome-dignity related campaigns. I also feel strongly about other issues like slugs and snails drinking beer and Prince Charles talking to trees, but we can deal with them in 2009.

    Brian G: I rest my case.

  5. Suzie says:

    My sister has a terracotta gnome. After visiting her, my husband and I “borrowed” him. We travel quite a lot and took him everywhere we went. We took pictures of his adventures along the way, which we emailed to my sister. For a year and a half the gnome went around the country and to every party we went to (he had a great time, I can assure you) and he dutifully recorded his travels.

    On my sister’s last visit to me, he sadly went back to his original spot in her garden where he dreams of traveling once more.

    And he will.

  6. naomi says:

    When I was ten, we moved to a house with overgrown gardens. (My mother later found out the reason she was having such a hard time taming them was the previous owner had had 6 gardeners at one point.) I went exploring through the ivy under the magnolias, trying to find branches low enough to get up the trees, when suddenly I was shocked by a small man staring at me. I jumped back, to discover a second, then realized they were not real, but made of clay. I found 3 more, though some were only pieces. I ran inside to bring my mother out, because though I knew they weren’t real, there was still something scary about them; I just wasn’t sure. They continued to live there, Mom leaving them when she downsized. I dreamed about them for years.

  7. Johanna says:

    When I lived in Chicago, I worked down the hall from an upscale catalog company. People were always submitting odd things to them, hoping to be included in the next issue. If the company didn’t care for the items, they usually stuck them in the hall by the freight elevator, with the understanding that if the item disappeared before it went down to the trash, no one would be the wiser.

    Well one day I was walking through the hall and I saw a gorgeous concrete gnome! The shipping clerk for the company saw me stop, and he said “wait a minute, there’s another one!” So I took home Noam (the reclining gnome) and Moshe (the standing-up gnome).

    The two gnomes lived for a year on the concrete slab next to the garage, near the alley, where I had a collection of flowering planters.

    Then one morning my upstairs neighbor called me from the yard. Noam was stolen!

    We never recovered him and I have always missed him. If I could find another like him, I’d add him to my garden in an instant!

    Stop making fun indeed!


  8. Joyce says:

    Around here there aren’t many garden gnomes to be seen, but we sure have Lawn Jockeys. Ever see one of these? They were all black originally, but some have seen fit to paint them white (lest someone be offended). They carry lanterns or water buckets, or have their hands outstretched to hold horses’ reins, and of course they all wear horse jockey clothing.

    Even more desirable, to me, are climbing ceramic wall cats. If I could find them, I would have an entire herd installed across my roof. Anyone have one they don’t want?

  9. margaret says:

    The lawn jockeys I know are outside the “21 Club” in NYC, a restaurant, all dressed in “silks” of famous stables. As for the cats…my guy (not ceramic) is a major climber, so I have that view on a regular basis: cat up tree, house, shed, everywhere.

  10. Terry Green says:

    They aren’t in the yard … but in my daughter’s house; she collects them. We pick them up for her whenever we see an unusual one or one she doesn’t have. Her two favorites are (of course) her Travelocity Roaming Gnome, and the Ohio State Gnome she got for Christmas.

    Love live garden gnomes!!

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Terry, who comes to us in support of gnomes, joining their primary advocate, Andre. Thanks for starting the year with A Way to Garden; see you soon again.

  11. Mary says:

    I received gnomes for Christmas. One is riding a motorcycle. They put a smile on your face any time of the day. Looking forward to spring and finding a home for them.

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Mary. Score another vote in behalf of gnomes (and Andre). Thanks for visiting, and hope to see you again soon.

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Lori, to A Way to Garden. That is some T-shirt. I guess we can count your vote in favor of the lowly gnome, huh? Do visit again soon.

  12. Genevieve says:

    Lori, I actually own that Gnome t-shirt!!

    When I first bought my house, the neighbor had a line of gnomes sitting on top of her garden wall, five feet from my office window. So I’d sit there, trying to design beautiful gardens, and my eyes would stray out the window to this marching line of gnomes. Very creepy!

    I don’t approve of gnomes, but I agree with Mr Gnome in the doodle that if they are going to be in the garden, then please not plastic! And please nestle them nicely in among the plants. The top of a wall is not the gnome’s natural habitat!!

  13. Xander says:

    I think Gnomes in gardens should be supported and I love Gnomes. But If your saying they should not be in gardens than your wrong.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Xander. Andre is all in favor of gnomes, and thanks to him, so am I. Thanks for your comment, and see you soon again, we hope.

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