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ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON admonished us: “Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” It is a good day when we get to express our faith by sowing seeds, no? Have you sown any yet this midwinter, with the coming garden in mind? (Thanks to Andre Jordan for today’s doodle.)

  1. SandyG says:

    Yes, one flat is up and growing happily under lights, one flat was sown today. It doesn’t matter if I have only a windowsill to grow veggies on or have a quarter acre garden, I HAVE to sow seeds this time of year. It gets me through the February doldrums…

  2. Liz Davey says:

    Not yet starting seeds. A little more snow needs to melt before I can get my supplies from the garden shed. Also it is not quite time to start many things. Trying to hold off on them until March but it is soon time to start some Caramel Angelo violas in my cool and dark back bedroom.

  3. Hannah says:

    After seeing an article about re-using salad containers to grow baby lettuces, I couldn’t resist. So I’ve got three little boxes growing under the lights. But I’m still waiting a bit longer to start the brassicas.

  4. Deirdre in Seattle says:

    Andre, don’t forget to check if the seeds need cold and/or warm stratification, also whether to scatter said seeds before or after last frost. Faith is good, but a little homework doesn’t hurt.

  5. Mary Withrow says:

    I have indoor carnivorous plants I pulled out of winter hibernation AKA the down stair fridge, lol and I am starting my tomatoes and such indoors soon! I can’t wait to get outside to be able to work in the dirt!

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