doodle by andre: digging deeper still

THAT DOODLER FRIEND of ours, Andre Jordan, is so philosophical sometimes (when he’s not being passive-aggressive in one of his naughtier doodles, I mean–you know how wide his range of styles is, right?). But in a harsh year as many of you have experienced this growing season, I think it’s important to remember the sentiment in this Andre masterpiece–and it isn’t a bad reflection for everyday life trials, either. Dig deeper; the goodness is there.

  1. gardenbug says:

    This morning I planted a new Cercis ‘little woody’. I also cleared an area near the creek where I hope to plant petasites. I am very curious when I plant things to know what is going on below ground and what the future holds. Andre seems to already know while I am still guessing.

    1. margaret says:

      Hello, Gardenbug, and yes, that Andre does indeed. I love this doodle; I need to look at it again and again and keep it in mind. Nice to see you!

  2. Rosella says:

    I appreciate Andre’s faith that all is well beneath our feet! Sadly though, here in Virgiia things don’t seem to be quite so good — my prized Japanese maple appears to be dying, after twenty years in my garden. The leaves are all frizzled and yellow, and no amount of water seems to help. A neighbour came by yesterday to wail about his magnolia stellata — enormous, beautiful, old. Large branches are dying, for some reason, and we are thinking drought is the reason. Trying weather, and I hope Andre is right and things will improve.

  3. Mary says:

    Good morning , Andres doodle needs to be a T shirt. I would gladly wear it. I volunteer in the Rose garden at the Vanderbilt Estate Eagles Nest in Centerport NY I would wear it there and to my Garden Club meetings.
    I love your bluebells!! I think I can grow them here.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

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