doodle by andre: cornucopia in miniature

SHE READ IT IN A BOOK (OR ON THIS BLOG, HEAVEN HELP ME). You know, the part where it says, “sow peas and carrots for a fall harvest,” and so she did in July, though she had never sowed a seed before. “I’m growing our vegetables now, organic ones,” she announced to her beloved, then checked them daily, offering encouragement, water, love (though the instructions hadn’t specified how much of what when, exactly).

Finally, the big reveal came last night at dinner (as depicted by master doodler Andre Jordan).

“Spring will be here before we know it,” the loving husband said, trying to emphasize the positive as he prepared to savor the harvest meal set before him. “And honey, one more thing: Maybe you need to get your 2011 gardening advice from another source.”

  1. Dee says:

    Too funny! I’m printing it to go on the refrigerator to make my husband grateful for the three spinach leaves he might get with his four peas.

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