doodle by andre: conquering hero

TALK ABOUT A SWASHBUCKLING APPROACH TO PRUNING. Apparently Andre the Doodler has a heavier hand than I do in such matters–and a bigger blade. I do hope he’s following the tactics in my Pruning FAQs. That headstrong boy!

  1. Claire says:


    ahaha I have an antique hand scythe I use for cutting down pesky weeds, and getting some anger worked out at the same time. Never quite thought about pruning with it, though…

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Claire. Yes, I think Andre’s gone all machete on us. :) Hope to see you soon again…and a scythe is a beautiful tool, isn’t it? A friend of mine actually uses his and is good at it and it’s a gorgeous thing to see, a slice of history or so it feels.

  2. Claire says:

    Mm, yes. :D I adore scythes. I should be around, in fact I think I might have commented before, under a different name…hehe. I positively love all of Andre’s work, and tend to stalk everything he does. ^.^

  3. andre says:

    I am not allowed to use the machete anymore.

    and the mad bush that cannot be tamed shall soon be no longer ours and so I will just be in charge of the snowblower

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