WHY DO BIRDS SUDDENLY APPEAR? Just in case you want the musical answer to be indelibly imprinted in your brain today (thanks, Andre Jordan, for the power of suggestion), how about a spin through the 40-year-old recording of Karen Carpenter’s decidedly non-horticultural answer to this question?
This doodle is one ins  aeries of Andre’s “Songs for Ex-Lovers” (his own, shall we say, arrangement of some all-time favorite lyrics, that is). I hope we can see the rest sometime.

Love is in the air!

    1. margaret says:

      Hi, Karen. The soundtrack “player” isn’t on my book website any longer, if that’s what you were recalling, but here’s the list. The player didn’t really work any longer as gradually many of the songs got removed from the site they were streamed from by copyright holders (as is the case with most music streaming sites — things come and go in availability and so you can’t count on the tunes being accessible over a period of time). Is that what you recalled?

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