doodle by andre: breaking dormancy


SOMETIMES AT MOMENTOUS MOMENTS (is that redundant?), when I’m feeling nervous as if something “should have” happened already or that it’s all “taking too long,” I calm myself by thinking of this doodle by Andre Jordan. Everything in its time, you know–and never a moment sooner. Last week was that kind of week–a new book, and me wanting everybody to know it’s here!. But all I can do is listen for the rhythm, not push the river, right? OK, Andre, I’ll try not to fidget; I’ll wait, and watch, and it will blossom when’s the time is just right.

  1. Beth Urie says:

    January is a difficult month for gardeners – suspect many of us are mood-stressed, your reasons being more glamorous than most! Your ‘garden’ is beautiful, Margaret. It will most certainly bloom.

  2. Kathy Sturr of the Violet Fern says:

    I just love this doodle! I’m going to have to pin it to my wall right next to a quote I came across from Lucretius, “Dripping water hollows a stone.”

  3. Johnny R says:

    January is a time for me to take a long break before I start the Japanese Maple grafting. Many of my trees will not be ready for sale for years, but I love the potential.
    A wise man once asked me if I knew the two best times to plant an oak tree, and I responded no.
    He said “Today and twenty-five years ago” Great advice.
    Close your eyes, hear yourself alive, and be patient.
    Johnny R

    1. margaret says:

      Very funny (and true) about the oak tree, Johnny. Thank you for saying hello and sharing that. I often say that gardening is nothing more than an patience-developing practice.

  4. Shirley B. says:

    Ah yes…patience. Hard to have when it’s been 70 degrees and sunny all week in Southeast Texas! Date of last-possible-frost is a month away. All the gardeners down here are collectively wagging our tails waiting for the starting shot to fire!

  5. Mike says:

    Margaret: pay no heed to the whims of the book- buying public; they are sometimes oblivious to our charms….
    Recall how long it took for Van Gogh to be recognized…… One hundred years from now, people will be fighting over the first edition of your Latest book.

  6. Colleen Lanchester-Raynie says:

    I got the book and, honestly, it has not captivated me as did your last. But I’m also juggling many personal projects and issues currently, and might not relate so closely as I did to “and I shall have some peace there”. Having left a bright and promising career to seek a very different life, I could SO relate to your leaving New York, and finding joy and meaning in a different context. So far, I’m relating more to the sidebars (grey pages), but I SO love your values and perspective.

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