doodle by andre: bored as a gnome?

NOBODY TUCKED ME IN THE SHED, but even so, I’m starting to get bored like the gnome in doodler Andre Jordan‘s cartoon. It’s been mostly neither here-nor-there weather so far locally, but here comes a good, stiff chill period. Bring it on; let’s gets some proper, deep sleep and wake up in spring all full of stored-up energy and ready to really blossom. (See all the Andre Jordan doodles created for A Way to Garden in the archive.)

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Here in lower Michigan, we are having the same type of weather. Today is was grey, raining and 50 degrees. Hardly fitting for Dec 16th. I am already itching to get out into the garden and start my new plans for the season.

    I love your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dave says:

    You sound like a mason bee Margaret! Staying in your cocoon, bored to death, but waiting with anticipation the upcoming spring to do all chores… busy as a bee can get!

  3. tropaeolum says:

    I’m back visiting my parents during grad school winter break. They are so far behind with fall chores that I am grateful for the warm weather–it gives me the opportunity to cut down the herbaceous perennials and put down the mulch that is blocking the driveway! Once I’m done with that, I will be doing snow dances. We need a real winter!

  4. Judy from Kansas says:

    Not bored today. We’re having unseasonably warm weather so I stuck a batch of garlic in the ground cause I was out of town when they should have been planted so I figured “Why not try it”, but best of all planted spinach and arugula in a raised bed, placed an old sliding patio door over it and feel so good with dirt under my fingernails. Love doing this cause it feels like I’m cheating!

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