doodle by andre: better late than never?


HE READ IT IN MY DECEMBER CHORES LIST: Make the last mowing before winter a short cut, way down low. And even though the snow fell before he got to that task, the guy in the doodle (is that you, Andre Jordan?) didn’t want to skip a single to-do I’d suggested, apparently. Poor sod. (Get it? Sorry; I watch far too much BBC programming.)

  1. Johanna says:

    Oh, Andre! Glad to see you again, but wish it were under better circumstances. If you add a whipping wind to that cartoon, it would look like our yard this morning! (Except I am NOT mowing the grass!!!)

  2. Bobster says:

    Love it Andre, this is how I feel almost every year (you might add loud cursing)! “If I just could’ve gotten in one more mow!”. Not this year…beat the snow by a scant week! Thank you Margaret for the Dec chore list.

  3. commonweeder says:

    My husband is definitely not as devoted a mower. He gave up the first of october! Come visit me, leave a comment and you could win Right Rose Right Place by Peter Schneider. You probably don’t need this, Margaret, but your readers have til midnight. The drawing is Saturday morning. We love andre’s doodles.

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