doodle by andre: beaten into submission

THAT ANDRE IS TURNING INTO A KEEN GARDENER. Now he’s using newspaper to kill weeds, like we all do. His take is, um, a little “different,” though. In Andre the doodler‘s own words:
“Reading as I always do, your ‘things to do list’ – please find attached doodle about thwarting new weeds with newspaper. Though I have to say, wandering round my entire garden hitting all the weeds with a rolled up newspaper is going to take some time. Not that I am questioning your wisdom or garden knowledge. Wink.”

Andre also thinks he is a comedian, apparently. We have created a monster, a doodling monster. Dear readers, please don’t comment and encourage him any longer (KIDDING).

  1. Brian G. says:

    I know some people who could use a good whack with a newspaper. Or, perhaps I’ll cover them with many layers of it per Margaret’s method. No, you say? Police, you say?

  2. Balsamfir says:

    Much more satisfying than the peaceful laying down process I’ve been trying. Action gardening. Could just imagine what the town would say if I ran around doing this in the front yard. Thanks Andre.

  3. chigal says:

    I like andre’s method.

    Carbon-black pigment is still made by burning petroleum, and a lot of newspaper ink uses mineral oil as the carrier (with a little soy mixed in for public relations). Makes me nervous. I could whack the weeds with it, happily! But if petroleum makes my skin peel off (it does), I don’t like the idea of putting it into the soil that grows my food.

    Peas and spinach are going in this weekend, hooray!!

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