doodle by andre: at the root of beauty


NO SMART-ASS COMMENTARY FROM ME TODAY, not on this one. As doodler Andre Jordan paints a very clear picture of, there is more to life than meets the eye. Shall we look a little deeper?

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  1. sarah says:

    Margaret you are responsible for some of my ordering this spring, does Brushwood nursery ring any bells? They had the rose that I have looked at in a picture in a very old book for years and wanted. I have no idea where I am going to put it, am trying to figure out arbor spots but in my little 70×100 yard, ummmmmm just not sure. Thanks again for the site, oh and in my old garden, in southern ct. I had a very nice quite large, by the time I moved, aesculus pavia, great tree, even managed to grow it in northern vermont when I moved there for six years. sarah

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Sarah, fellow lover of Aesculus pavia. And yes, Brushwood was a source I just discovered last year…lots of interesting things. I suspect you will get out the shoehorn, er, shovel and make a perfect home for that rose. :)

  2. Nancy says:

    I have been visiting this site for only a few days, but I am so delighted to find a friendly, personal, sort of close-to-the-ground source of information about plants and gardening. I never seem to be able to get a grip on my garden, but I do love it! Maybe this will be my pathway to the knowledge and skills I need…Thank you for the possibilities!

  3. Nancy says:

    Where is my head? I forgot to say, “I love Andre’s doodle!” We should never forget to credit what lies out of sight, below the surface…

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Nancy, and you are welcome. Don’t worry about getting a grip on you garden as much as about loving it, which it sounds as if you really do. It’s not a contest; you win even if there are weeds here and there. :)

  4. Dee/reddirtramblings says:

    It’s true for all things isn’t it? My grandmother’s favorite saying was “Beauty is only skin deep.” She would follow this up with, “Beauty is as beauty does.”

    Plants and people. Without strong roots, we all fall.~~Dee

  5. andre says:


    We have only been in our new house a couple of weeks, but we are dying to get on with sorting the garden – and to see what beauty lies beneath her, as yet unknown, surface.

    We paint the kitchen, install appliances, and every evening
    look to see what her previous owners planted.

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Marion (my sister’s name). Yes, wow is about how I always feel when Andre sends over a batch of new doodles. Wow. I hope to see you soon again.

  6. Susan says:

    I am in a new home and as Andre said, I am looking each day to see what is sprouting. I see lots of green stuff, everyday I kind of figure out what it might be. Today with all of the sunshine, I know I will have more surprises when I get home.
    Andre wish you joy in your new home.
    Margaret, I was expecting a smart ass remark.

  7. Well, I dont really understand what the picture has to do with the saying…but I like the quote anyways. It can be looked at two different ways:

    First, “Beneath the surface, beauty lies.” meaning that inside each of us is beauty and wonder.

    Second, “Beaneath the surface, beauty lies.” meaning that even the most beautiful of creatures can be ugly underneath.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Screwed Up Texan. I never know *exactly* what my dear friend Andre means, but I always *love* the essence of it. :) I think of it as meaning that the deepest parts (the roots), though perhaps unseen, are where the greatest beauty is. See you soon again.

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