doodle by andre: a snail’s space


APPARENTLY WE ARE IN A CONTEMPLATIVE MOOD this week, not raucous or irreverent or even downright wild. Yes, doodler Andre Jordan and I have moments of reflection, you know…it’s not just all go-go-go with us; sometimes it’s at a snail’s pace. (By the way, have you read Andre’s memoir yet?)

  1. I’m very nice to snails, I shower them with herbs, lay them gently on a layer of the softest butter imagineable and then I put them where it’s very nice and warm, and after 10 minutes or so, I could just eat them up! Are you getting the snail-love?

  2. andre says:

    I normally feed snails Newcastle Brown Ale.

    At our new house, my wife and I seem to have inherited a friendly rabbit (whom I have name Oscar) which should be interesting when we finally get round to planting perennials.

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