doodle by andre: a postcard for the garden


THIS WEEK’S DOODLE IS REALLY A POSTCARD, one to send to the beloved garden in appreciation for a year of its devoted service and joy. Thanks, Andre Jordan, for just the right thing at just the right moment–one less thing on my to-do list, now that you have “send card to garden” covered. This week I’m also remembering your doodles of Christmases past: the controversial love-a-gnome campaign, for instance, and that tender one of the robin red-breast — remember it? Thank you for celebrating so many moments here with us; the best to you and Mrs. Andre and the delicious, four-legged Pickle.

  1. Linda P says:

    Dear Margaret,
    thank you for the happiness your sight brings to me each and every week. Have a happy holiday and strong new 2010 ! xxoo

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Heidi; so nice of you to say so. I’m sure Andre will be happy to hear as well, since he is the Chief Smile Officer. I hope we see you soon again.

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