doodle by andre: a ladybug by any other name…

SOMETIMES I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND ANDRE. We may have a special relationship, but we still don’t speak the same language. You know, he speaks E-N-G-L-I-S-H. (As in: Have a spot of tea, will you, luv?) Me, not so much. Fascinating that I say tomato and he says to-mah-toe, and all that good stuff–even as it applies to beneficial insects like ladybugs, er, ladybirds. Same but different, you know. And to doodler Andre Jordan, they’re symbols of a higher purpose, apparently. Uh-oh, politics just reared its ugly, buggy head.

  1. Anna says:

    You all,

    I went in search of a new patio table at the state antique show over Memorial Day weekend and I want to tell you do not throw out any of your old garden goodies. The little old rakes, hoe’s, planters, fence’s, gloves, spades, seed packs, and alot more seemed to be the cat’s meow here in the south. The prices were out of this world. They were selling like hot biscuits. Take inventory of your tools, and keep hold of what you have.
    Fore Now,

  2. andre says:

    in the days before I did what I now do, i used to be an antique dealer sealing lots and lost of old gardening equipment .

    I do not miss the days of driving to london antique markets at 4 in the morning with a couple of giant stone balls rolling about in the back of my van – wondering if this shall be the way I shall die.

  3. andre says:

    oh dear that was a bit melancholy .

    so yes i do say to-mah-toe. and a cup of tea truly does fix everything in england – death of plant, illness, unexpected catastrophe involving a weed whacker – cup of nice tea.

    1. Margaret says:

      @Andre: Not meant to be melancholy. Even now, knowing each other a couple of years (!!!) I am always fascinated by the differences. I feel like we were separated at birth and then raised across an ocean. :)

  4. Karen says:

    Speaking of a cuppa, how about a Pimm’s? A Brit friend introduced us and I must say it’s a lovely refreshing drink!

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