did you watch ‘harmony’? highly recommended

DID YOU WATCH ‘HARMONY,’ AN NBC SPECIAL that aired November 19? I just did (thank you, streaming technology) and wanted to say that it’s a must. Prince Charles, whom the British tabloids dubbed the “tree-hugging prince” when he began talking about threats to the environment in the 1980s, is the principal narrator, threading together an impressive range of interviews from farmers, scientists, environmentalists and more. You can watch it here.

  1. Abbie says:

    Hi Margaret ~

    Thank you for passing this along. I don’t have a TV – haven’t had one for over 40 years – so I truly appreciate your putting this up on your equally wonderful blog. I’ve already passed the link (and your blog) along to friends (in the chorus), as well as others.

    Also, thank you for your beautiful Thanksgiving message. How timely when my big grey feral cat has also finally decided to sleep in my bed.

    ~ Abbie

  2. TomW says:

    Just watched the show. Nice.

    I first became aware of the Prince’s organic methods and farms in a National Geographic magazine article. Sorry, I don’t have the issue information. but that led me to reading his book, _The Elements of Organic Gardening _

    For some good winter listening on sustainability, check out this podcast: Mind Over Matters Sustainability Segment (a web search of those words will bring you to the podcast links)

    Thanks again Margaret! :-)

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