delicious projects for a 3-day weekend

Canning, freezing adn pickling to-do's for Labor Day weekendWHAT ARE YOU DOING this holiday weekend? Some of my favorite to-do’s for harvest season, especially on a rainy day:

  1. Susan says:

    Headed to the garden for green beans, limas, and last of the beets. Already picked blackberries and raspberries and put in freezer today.

  2. Peg says:

    We went out to the back yard, shook the apple tree and made a year’s worth of applesauce. Nothing added but a sprinkle of cinnamon.
    Now the trio of does with three fawns among them can come and eat the drops to their heart’s content. Just stay away from my beans!!

  3. Terri Price says:

    I’m looking for a tomato sauce recipe that you featured several years ago. It was called V7 or V8, can’t remember exactly. It was wonderful.

    I’m freezing apple pies this weekend and looking at a mountain of tomatoes that need processing.

  4. Jane Savage says:

    I made my 1st batch of grape jelly today the grapes seem early this year. I have a small batch of tomatoes, w/green pepper, onion, celery -sugar salt & pepper on cooking for a sauce. Not very many ripe tomatoes yet. Enjoyed seeing you on PBS was it Growing a Greener World (?) recently.

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