days are longer, days are longer

may-4thI KNOW IT IS NOT MAY 4 YET, but rummaging here this winter in my closets I found this notebook, an early example of my prose. I couldn’t wait one more moment to show you. (And the days ARE getting longer, aren’t they?) Happy first day of spring from No Spring Chicken.

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  1. Johanna says:

    Well, speaking from direct personal experience with my chickens in spring, everything is cheering up! My hen, Eartha Chick, went on an adventure the other day. Apparently the grass truly was greener on the other side — the dog yard side! No worries, all came out ok in the end, but it provided a good story for my blog.

    Here on the human side of spring, I started the first batch of vegetable seeds (the ones for “oh, I think May 1 is safe for putting tomatoes in the ground, even though ‘they’ say May 15”) and will set up the cold frame this weekend for a bit of season-extending experimenting. Lots of daffs and tulips pushing up now — I know it’s too soon to pull back the mulch, but I’m desperate to see them all!!!

    And I see that A Way to Garden has ramped up to the growing season — what a joy to have more frequent articles and lots of photos!

  2. chigal says:

    Happy vernal equinox, yourself! And thanks for all the gardening advice. I’ve found several tips here that will help me, this year, even though I don’t have a big plot with room for trees and things.

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Claudia. Zone 10? Did you say Zone 10? I’ll be right over…send me the MapQuest coordinates. It just refuses to really be spring here (let alone Zone 10), and I am desperate. Happy to have you as a voyeur; please come back soon.

    1. margaret says:

      Welcome, Peggy, and don’t WE have sharp eyes, missy?! Yes, the next entry in my notebook marks the Mercury launch. I have never shown that page to anyone except my friend Andre Jordan, who has a thing for astronauts. I sent Andre a jpg months back, when I found the notebook. It’s a really previous possession now, though for all these years (like 20 or 30) I didn’t even know I had it. See you soon again, I hope.

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