creative inspiration: a video i love

ITHOUGHT EVERYBODY HAD SEEN the video of author Elizabeth Gilbert presenting at the 2009 TED Conference on the subject of nurturing creativity. But the other night at dinner, I mentioned I’d re-watched it as part of kicking off the new year, and a new book I’m starting, right…and got some blank looks. It’s here on the book part of my website, where creative inspiration is proving to be a regular theme.

  1. walter lott says:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. After watching the clip I forwarded it to my children. I’m more like Elizabeth’s Dad (having worked in the Chemical Industry), but my daughter is a novelist and my son a photographer so I thought it would be particularly relevant to them. Both were aware of TED, and my daughter had already viewed the clip but indicated she wanted to see it again.
    Again, thanks for the suggestion.


  2. ilona says:

    I did see that video! But it is one of those “talks” that I can listen to repeatedly over time. Thanks for reminder and the revisit to thoughts which are so worthwhile, especially this time of year.

  3. shashe says:

    Thank you SOOO much for posting this. Although I often listen to Ted podcasts, I had missed it. The idea of creative fairies– is just wow. The pressure that can so easily slip into the process of creation is a stunner… but I really like this small, simple way of combatting it. Thanks, Margaret!

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