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ICAN’T AFFORD AN INFOMERCIAL ON LATE-NIGHT TV to get the word out, so we improvised: My sidekick Andre Jordan made a doodle and I got out the stocking caps, meaning we’re ready to start taking orders (no, not for burgers, silly–for books). It’s Christmas in July on “the book blog,” where I’m offering smart earlybird shoppers (with or without Santa hats) a promotional price on signed, gift-wrapped copies of “And I Shall Have Some Peace There.” Doesn’t somebody on your list crave one? The details (and what some readers have said about the book):

For July only, get an additional 10 percent off each book that you order—and remember, even before the discount, I was selling them below the cover price! Now, just $20.70, including signature, gift wrap and Media Mail shipping (cover price: $25.99). You can order here. (And please, remember to write me a “note to seller” right below the shipping address in the shopping cart, so that I know who to inscribe your book to.)

What Readers Say About ‘Peace’

AND I SHALL HAVE SOME PEACE THERE is a book about finally making time for things I always said I “had no time for,” though they were things I wanted more than anything: to live in the country, to write fulltime, to be in my garden year round, not just on weekends. It’s a book about setting new priorities; about life transitions; about how Nature can help on the road to the next stop. It’s a book for anyone seeking a little more peace in their lives, and wondering how to get there. Here’s what just a few readers have emailed me to say:

“Reading your book has inspired me! I have begun tunneling my way out of my corporate prison, just wish I had a bigger spoon to dig with.”

“I was especially moved by all the different ways you have come to realize that “there is nowhere to be but here”–such a valuable concept to finally learn for all of us!”

“I randomly picked up your book off the shelf in our local library–the title seemed to speak to me. i wholeheartedly believe that you are one of my messengers, helping me to find my way and my own peaceful place.”

“I was so inspired that I decided I would chase my dream of leaving suburbia and moving to the ocean!”

“Your insights are giving me the touchstones I need to get clear. Thank you, thank you for your courage and for sharing your metaphoric life.”

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  1. karen says:

    First book I have read in years and never put it down til I got to the end. Blessed is menopause for giving us the light to see our true selves and the courage to go live it. I’m right there with you sister! Thanks for saying it all so beautifully.

    1. Margaret says:

      Thank you, Karen! What a wonderful compliment (and be sure to tell them on Amazon.com — need all the positive reviews I can get!) :) How nice of you to stop in and tell me.

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