chance garden hybrid: quercus x malus

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CROSS A CRABAPPLE WITH AN OAK? You get a photo like the one above (if not an actual intergeneric hybrid tree). This wind-borne balancing act didn’t register at first when I spied it the other day, but then I whipped my head back around and had a good smile, and a snapshot. What would you call such a freakish genetic combination of crabapple (Malus) and oak (Quercus) if it did actually exist? A croak?

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  1. Candylei says:

    I love how the acorn hats stay on sometimes after the acorn nut falls. It’s cold here in Maryland so I know it has to be cold at your gardening haven. It’s hard to imagine the strength of the mighty oak contained int that tiny acorn.
    Candylei and Sir Salty

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