but i thought they were cucumbers (tee hee)

magnolia seedpods
I WAS PICKING UP PODS under yellow-flowered Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’ the other day before mowing, and just couldn’t resist faking a jar of “pickles” for this photo. Aren’t they–and nature’s intricate geometry in all pods and cones–fascinating? I’m enjoying the pod-and-water-stuffed jar as the centerpiece on my dining table this week. Not your average midsummer bouquet, but a definite conversation-starter.

  1. When I first saw this charming photo, I thought they were antique pinecone Christmas ornaments! That third one from the left looked like it had a little wire loop on it…and I guess I saw what I wanted to see since I collect them. I’d never have guessed they were actually magnolia flower centers! Nature’s patterns repeat everywhere and are infinitely fascinating! Lovely centerpiece idea!

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