book giveaway: where do ideas come from?

ALOT OF MY ‘NEW LIFE’ IS SPENT RUMINATING, I admit, though sometimes while doing something else (mowing, driving, weeding, showering—you know how it works). Even if I were merely sitting still and pondering, I’d consider those stretches very productive, since they yield my inspiration. Where ideas come from is the subject of the latest giveaway of advance copy my upcoming book, “And I Shall Have Some Peace There.” Interested?

  1. I understand completely, the runnings of the fertile mind. To me, the creative process begins with the inward thinking about the subject. Then it is the going over, and over of the subject. It is like talking to another person, giving them REPETITIVE instruction. It is kind of fragmented, but once it is put on paper (for me) it starts to congeal….. When I used to make paintings, there might be a bit of a NOTHING start, but then there is that moment a spark ignites, and you know you are making a winner.. .. I feel the way a person addresses the creative process, is not UNLIKE a person addressing an important issue of life, that arises. You go back and forth, over it, to HOPEFULY resolve it in your mind.

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