book giveaway, and happy holidays!

EVERYONE IN MY YARD AGREES WITH THE LITTLE FROG in the blue boots: “Hurrah for Santy.” To that end, we–Jack the Demon Cat, the frogboys, the birds and snakes and I–wish you all a happy holiday season and also extend the offer of a possible gift: Two people can win copies of my “old” book, “A Way to Garden,” along with advance reading copies of my next, “And I Shall Have Some Peace There.” Details below, but meantime, let’s strike up the band, shall we?

The chance to win one of two sets of books begins now, and entries will close next Tuesday, December 28, at midnight. I’ll pick the winners Wednesday at random, using the tool at random [dot] org as usual. To enter, all you have to do is comment below–just say hello, or season’s greetings, or “Hurrah for Santy” or whatever you want. Even, “I’m in,” or “I’d like to win the books” will do.

Whether you choose to enter or not, here’s the important punchline:

May your holiday season be peaceful, safe, and spent in the company of those you love. Blessings all around, friends!

(Vintage print by the Louis Prang company, sent to me by one of my many kind readers after I ran this slideshow of that company’s other work.)

  1. Margie Sheets says:

    Thank you for sharing your garden mojo, magic and woo woo with us all. I feel peaceful and reconnected to oneness when I visit your page. Namaste.

  2. Diane says:

    Does anyone even say Santy Claus any more….wish they did…brings back great memories of my dad! I’ll know for sure Santy remembered me if I’m blessed to get your book!!!

  3. Rae says:

    Raphael, my cat would love to see these books. His nose gets into everything I have. I am so impressed by your gardening passion. Thank you for all the tips. I am a South Texas gardener and have had the gardening bug for 15 years. I inherited this gift from my mother and both grandmothers. Love, Love, Love Flowers and lots of compost! Have a ultra special New Year with many blessings and suprises to discover in your garden.

  4. Karen Bialek says:

    Thanks Margaret for reminding me about your new book. Everyone has their mentor; I’ve gardened on a much smaller scale than you for the last 40 years, but continually learn something new from your newsletters, blogs, radio shows and whatever new adventure you take your “students” on. Only four more months until our hands start getting dirty again…can’t wait for Spring!

  5. Judy from Kansas says:

    Anxiously awaiting book no. 2 and would love to have my own copy of no. 1, instead of checking it out repeatedly from our little library.

  6. Leonora says:

    Would love a copy of your book!
    Thought you’d enjoy this: God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done. ~Author Unknown

  7. Leisa says:

    Greetings from Nebraska. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to win one of your books! I have more recently found you and am enjoying immensely. I ordered the book “Thoughtful Gardening” as a Christmas present to myself and look forward to other suggestions. Cheers from a Friend in the Garden.

    1. Margaret says:

      ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED. Thank you all for your comments — particularly so many of you who (according to my dashboard) seem to be first-time commenters. (Of course, if you used a variation of the name you’ve used before when commenting, you come up as “new” and though I try to recall everyone…well, I have to trust the machine to guide me).

      Normally every first-time commenter at A Way to Garden gets a personal welcome, but with giveaways, that would mean I (Margaret) had most of the entries and would win the books, if I commented back to every newcomers. So for now a big group welcome will have to do. Hello!

      I’m off to pick and notify winners, then back with the results.

      More giveaways coming up very soon — I have been collecting some goodies to share. :)

  8. Terryk says:

    Well no email from you Margaret so I guess it is not me. Hopefully those winners that may be on holiday are not stuck at some airport trying to get home. Happy New Year Margeret.

  9. Anne Larson says:

    So I’m happy enough to enter contests, but I really am looking forward to your new book and know it will be a source of inspiration, so I just bought the darned thing in support of one of my favorite garden do-ers and philosophers. Best wishes to you in 2011!
    Anne Larson

  10. Nora Sirbaugh says:

    Happy New Year, Margaret! And Congratulations to the winners. I bet it’s a lovely winter read. Looking forward to getting a copy sooooon.

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Nora, and thank you for your kind wishes. Still waiting to hear back form one of the two winners I emailed with the news…may have to draw another lucky number!!! See you soon.

  11. Ken York says:

    O’ Children, join our band for the good of the land…and the air…and the water. Teachers have lost the knowhow, so grandparents need to get in. Marketing to kids is a big thing for drinks and shoes. So? How our childrens’ garden growing? Just for the girls? You gals are great and the guys (little boys) need your help.

  12. Kris says:

    I find peace when I find a new space to make a new garden or find a little niche on my path in the woods to add a bit of color to.

  13. marcia joslyn says:

    I wish there was a .com that could be “.calm” and we could go there anytime-kind of like a garden is. It is always inside us; I guess.

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