THE GARDEN HAS AWAKENED, and I thought you might want to meet the early risers. Somebody new’s showing up every day now (almost every hour). Enjoy.

  1. Tarky7 says:

    Wow ! I love this mini gallery. Very cool ! I am so looking forward to visiting your fabulous new site as the season begins ! It is so great to have Margaret Roach online with her new blog. Go Team !

  2. GardenGuy says:

    Excellent gallery! It’s so exciting to see the gardens come alive (finally!)after the long, cold winter. It’s amamzing to see all that is blooming in your garden already. I’m thrilled with some of the Narcissus in my garden just now opening up. As I look out and see the blooms, I know the rest will soon follow.
    Margaret, I hope you are feeling the appreciation we have for YOU and for your blog… it’s wonderful to have an old friend (so it seemed) back again! Please don’t do that retirement / disappearing act again!

  3. Elaine says:

    Hi, Margaret. Thank you so much for posting your photo gallery. My list of plants is growing since I found your blog!

  4. lpooljim says:

    Hi Margaret and all,

    Here’s a link to the George Eastman House and what’s in bloom:

    Its a month away from Lilac fest in Rochester NY.

    Have a great week,


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