blog-archive treasure hunt: easy navigation tips

BIG BROTHER, ER SISTER, IS WATCHING. (THAT WOULD BE ME; don’t be scared.) I can see from my blog’s “dashboard” that not enough of you are finding your way into the browsable pages that make steering through the two-plus years of archive here easy–and fun. Some tips about my favorite ways to find things around here (not including my eyeglasses and car keys–no hope to offer there):

THE MOST POPULAR POSTS on the website are all browsable here at this link–kind of fun, isn’t it, to dig into the archive this way?

JUST GETTING STARTED IN GARDENING? I’ve put all the “beginner’s” posts here, in this spot where your can click through at will.

THERE ARE BROWSABLE, PHOTO-DRIVEN PAGES like those for everything from Conifers to Bird Sh-t (um, as in Bird Gardening). You can always find all the navigational links in the small green type in the far-left column of every blog page.

YUP, THE WHOLE OF A WAY TO GARDEN is indexed and filed this way, topic by browsable topic, for your viewing (and finding) pleasure. Want to browse though a friendly list of all the topics in my “card catalog,” so to speak? That easy-to-use series of pages (starting with the section in the photo up top) is right here.

Of course, you can always search (up at the very top, above the logo), but it’s not half as much fun.

Enjoy! (And then get back to watering and weeding, won’t you?) :)

    1. Margaret says:

      Welcome, Elissa, and you are also welcome for the links. Hope to see you soon again, clicking around in the underbrush here. :)

  1. terryk says:

    this is great-thanks! I have discovered some areas but this is the best-you put so much at our fingertips. Yikes, I just saw the overwintering the tender plants and there are so many I want- l love the ‘marmaduke’ begonia. It’s huge and beautiful!

    off to discover more areas of the website.

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